Storytelling in Marketing

How To Use Storytelling In Your Marketing To Drive Sales (2019)

John Bates, executive director of Executive Speaking Success, says: “The greatest communication tool that mother nature has given us is the one made on the table.” This tool he refers to is the power of storytelling, the artistic form that pervades every culture and society, John Bates adds: “Because our brains appreciate stories more than anything else.” The stories of striking, easy to understand, and participable forms that remain in the reader’s mind more than any other kind, a recent study suggests that through your love of a story About its brand well, companies have the ability to increase the value of the parallel profits product or cheek Of more than 20 times.

One Spot statistic indicates that 92% of consumers want brands to make their ads look like stories. In an earlier article, we discussed the importance of storytelling in marketing and brand building. In this article, we will learn strategies for using storytelling professionally. They spend an average of 37 seconds on each article. If you do not tell your content an interesting story, you will probably lose the reader’s attention, so you need to make sure that your message gets their attention from the start. .

How do you do That?

Select The Target Audience

Determining the target audience means choosing the consumers you want to sell them, turning them into customers with an attractive story, you can not present a court story without having a clear idea of ​​which audience you will be referring to. Opportunities for targeted consumers to share your content with their social networks were better.

Airbnb is one of the most popular brands to use storytelling in marketing, a global company that runs an online hospitality service that allows people to rent or rent accommodation anywhere in the world, targeting people who own homes anywhere they want In their hire, and travelers who travel to those places.

Airbnb always shows in her stories how communicating with others is important and how to make her brand possible and easy for both homeowners and travelers they want to hire. The company follows in this way an approach that revives human relationships and has proven to be a perfect brand.

Select a related story

storytelling in digital marketing

“The stories we tell make the world literally, if you want to change the world, you need to change your story, this fact applies to individuals and institutions.” Michael Margolis

What product do you sell? Or what service do you offer? You can not tell a story about your Parallel Profits brand that has nothing to do with what you offer, choose a related story, think of the story from the audience’s point of view and make sure it is related to your message. If you choose an irrelevant story, however attractive, fun, You will be distracted from your message and will not help you establish brand values.

The purpose of the story should be clear and appropriate to your company’s message. Be sure to adjust the language you use and the details it contains to make the story adapt to audience trends and make sure your audience understands them.

In 2013, as part of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty marketing campaign, Dove, a cosmetics specialist, produced a short story under the title “Real Beauty”. The video achieved high viewing ratios and became the most popular after 114 million hits in one month, The video’s story was not only aimed at the company’s original audience, the “women” audience, but also provided content relevant to the brand’s brand of cosmetics, focused specifically on presenting women’s true perceptions of their appearance and contrasting views with those of strangers. The aim of the film is to show the women that they are Sentences than they think, so the video has attracted different feelings such as passion, warmth and happiness, “Daily Telegraph”, describing it as “the most exciting films to think”, while it said Forbes that “strong”.

Use Passion

“You can have a great product, but a compelling story puts the company into action.” Investor and entrepreneur Ben Horowitz…

Using emotion to tell stories about your brand will always help to humanize your brand, the audience loves emotional stories, and imparting human feelings to the stories you tell will make customers a strong relationship with your brand and remember you for a long time.

Choose the right feelings you want your audience to feel when dealing with your story. Will you feel warm? Happinese? Inspiration, empathy, etc., be sure to include details, information, and scenarios in your story telling, which will encourage your audience to feel the way you want.

Storytelling, learning and developing

Storytelling, learning and developing

“Storytelling is the greatest technology ever created by humans.”jon westenberg

It is necessary to be consistent, but that does not mean that you review your previous plans and improve the story I have already told. The key to making more progress and attracting more customers is to ensure diversification, development and improvement always. The goal should always be to improve the story. Make sure you do this with a good plan and data at your fingertips. You can measure by user feedback, questionnaires, measurement tools on the platforms that the story will share, such as the time taken on each page, and the average viewing rate.

What else?

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to convey these ideas.” Mark Truby

In order to succeed in writing an attractive and inspiring story you should consider the following:

✦ Set a goal for your brand and make sure it has a goal that matches your audience’s needs.

✦ Before you write the story, make sure that your audience is ready to hear the story, to ensure that they will respond and take action.

✦ An important part of being great is that your stories are authentic. You will never gain the confidence of your audience. If you are not honest with yourself, customers will be able to discover the unreal things you tell or exaggerate.

✦ Select your message, and the values ​​you want to pass within the story.

✦ Select the type of story: Do you want to tell people about yourself, do you want to transfer a value? Do you want to communicate knowledge and educate your audience?

✦ Choose the appropriate format to share your story (stories can be combined with all content, videos, epographic, e-books, etc.)

✦ Use data, numbers, and statistics to increase the impact of your stories. Story-based storytelling can help build credibility and credibility for your brand.

✦ Use customer stories by giving real examples of how people benefit from your product, rather than saying, “Our product is the best.”

✦ Write the story, place the call to action, and share it.


Customers do not buy mostly from you because of what you sell, but because there is a reason to sell for it, storytelling gives you an opportunity to present your reasons in the most attractive, fun and innovative way.